Explore 7 Curly Locs Styles for Women in 2024

Curls and locks are a unique combination of two hairstyles that can easily rock any look. Curly locs must be your next option if you are into locs and are now thinking about transforming your dull locs. They not only look classy but also unique. 

This blog will share a few curly locs, hairstyles, and inspirations. Moreover, Dreadlock Wig has expert advice for beginners. Professional advice lets you learn a lot about how to start locks, their growth factors, maintenance tips, and much more.

Explore our blog and find solutions to your problems throughout your locs journey. 

What are Curly Locs?

It is a type of dreadlock that makes a totally different hairstyle and could be more popular. In addition, you can experiment with this idea with locs of any length and thickness. Although curls look amazing on locs, thin locs look great when curled well. 

Curly locs styles are gaining popularity as they make a unique hairstyle with little effort. You don’t need to splurge while getting this hair look; no external help is required.

You can style your locs with curling tools, setting gel, and patience. 

5 Best Curly Locs Styles for 2024

Curling locs are trending with the new fashion trends. They are not only easy to do at home, but you also don’t need any professional help. Let’s have a look at the best hairstyles that are perfect with curly locs:

1: Curly Mohawk

Mohawks and mullets are pretty familiar with the locs. But have you ever imagined how your curly dreads would look in a Mohawk?

Make this style by simply dividing the locs into 3 or 4 sections and ponytail them. Now, position them vertically one after the other and get the perfect Mohawk look. 

2: Messy bun with side bangs

A messy bun is perfect for formal events such as birthday parties, dinners, and other occasions. Make sure to make a messy bun and leave the side bangs. Add hair accessories such as pins or baby breath flòowers at the sides to complete your look. 

3: Tight curls

Loose and tight curls look good on locs, but you can go right with tight locs on thinner diameters. To get the perfect curly look, set the locs after curling with a setting spray or use gel beforehand. 

4: Front ponytail

This is an essential style in which you just add the curls to a ponytail, leaving half of the hair loss-free. It gives you a compact and royal look and adds extra volume and length to your natural locs. 

5: Freeform

Managing the locs with curls freeform is one of the most effortless hairstyles for women; it makes the best look for women with medium to long dreadlocks. In addition, it only takes 2 minutes from your busy routine. 

According to your face cut, you can style locs in either direction. Furthermore, you can add some hair pins or accessories to the side. 

The Bottom Line:

To sum up, locs is a pretty overwhelming experience, but the individuals who love to experiment with hair make the perfect choice.

Styling locs with curls adds aesthetics to your locs without extra effort. In 2024, curly locs hairstyles for women make the right choice. 

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