8 Stunning Tips for Growing Dreadlocks Naturally at Home

In 2500 BCE, dreadlocks started; in 2024, they made the hottest protective hairstyle. At that time, this was a part of spiritual and cultural practices in societies, while nowadays, it’s an s, and it keeps up with the latest trends.

Having dreads is one challenge, but growing them well with the right tips and tricks is another. So, if you need to learn how to grow dreads faster, stay on this page to discover the best tips the professionals suggest.

Dreadlocks, also known as locs, are made by braiding or twisting the hair strands. Depending on several factors, Growing locs takes almost six to 18 months. If you are a beginner and want to stay consistent with your locs journey, Dreadlock Wig covers you.

We have expert advice for beginners about dreadlocks issues such as frizziness, unraveling, and slow growth.

Continue reading this blog to learn how important it is to look after the dreads to get strong, healthy, and lon,g dreads. First, let’s discuss how fast you can your loc cannily.

How Fast Can Your Locs Grow in a Year?

According to the research, human hair grows about half an inch every month 1. Afro-textured shows a faster growth rate.

Hairs grow and shed in their normal cycle, and their growth slows down depending on several factors, such as insufficient diet, vitamin deficiency, dehydration, and others.

Keeping the above statement in mind, it is evident that locs can grow six inches in a year if taken care of properly.

In addition, you must remember that locs show shrinkage over time, making them look shorter. So, you can estimate a five-in-five-inch per year using products and follow our faster dreadlock growth tips and tricks.

8 Tips For Growing And Maintaining Your Dreadlocks

If you are still wondering how to grow dreadlocks at home naturally, here are some tips you must follow religiously and observe the change you seek. With these tips, you will feel a huge difference in your locs growth and strength.

Follow the healthy tips on developing and maintaining dreads in black males with short hair.

1: Increase circulation to the scalp

Like all other body parts, your head and scalp also need nourishment through nutrients and some exercise, such as a regular head massage. There are many ways to increase blood circulation in your scalp to keep your locks growing fast.

Make sure to get regular head massages to stimulate the hair growth follicles and pump the nutrients towards those follicles.

The best way is to perform a head massage using the natural hair oils from your head. It not only helps maintain your locs but also increases hair length quickly.

2: Stay stress-free

Stress and anxiety are vital factors that can reduce hair growth significantly and can introduce several issues, such as alopecia, hair breakage, and weakening of hair. Make sure to spend some family time and reduce stress.

Dihydrotestosterone is the hormone that shrinks the hair growth follicles under stress. Look for other stress-reducing activities such as traveling, meditation, and exercises. If you are facing anxiety, make sure to get counseling from a psychotherapist and unload all your burdens.

3: Use natural hair oils

If your hair shows slower growth, make sure to stimulate the hair growth with only organic and 100% natural hair oils. Several chemicals and serums claim to be organic in the market, but they have bad side effects, especially on locs.

So, only natural oils such as castor oil have fatty acids and proteins that are effective for hair growth 2.

4: Be patient with hair growth

When it comes to the locs growth, they take time. In some cases, dreadlocks keep shrinking with time, making it challenging for individuals to estimate the new development.
So, beginners must trust the timings and process and be patient throughout their loss journey.

5: Wash your dreads

Some people find it challenging to wash dreadlocks, but it is necessary to wash the dreads to keep them clean and dirt-free.

There are several ways of washing the dreadlocks. Additionally, you can hop on to our recent blog about how to wash dreadlocks at home, which can be helpful for newcomers.

Moreover, please don’t wash your dreads every day, every day; strip the moisture away and make them brittle. Make sure to use an organic, sulfate-free shampoo with an extra moisturizing conditioner while washing your locs.

6: Keep your locs clean

To keep your locs healthy and growing, make sure your Lothian, lint, and dir,t credit-freest way is to use a gentle cleanser or shampoo that has the attributes of cleaning the scalp and hair.

In addition, you can detoxify them after two months by using some products or naturally at home with apple cider vinegar or baking soda.

In addition, please do not keep your locs wet, as it can lead to fungus growth and cause fungal infections. Dry the locs after washing and avoid frequent washing to protect their natural moisture.

7: Deep clean your dreads

If you have longer locs, make sure that your locs are clean and dirt-free. Often, shampoo doesn’t remove all the dirt, lint, and pollutants from the environment. In such conditions, it is necessary to detoxify the locs at home or with professional help.

Make this a part of your dreadlock care regime, and you will be amazed with your dread over time: Cover your dreads while sleeping.

8: Cover Your Head

Another tip in maintaining the locs is to keep them frizz and lint feeling free on purpose; make sure to use a head scarf at night while sleeping. Use a silk head cover and avoid stuff like satin to prevent breakage and friction with the pillow.

The Bottom Line:

To sum up, growing long and healthy locs is a time-consuming process. One must be very patient and apply all the healthy tips and tricks for the locs growth. Use the right accessories for locs care, from a well-balanced diet and exercise to keeping the locs clean and frizz-free. If you are still wondering how to maintain dreads with short hair faster, jump on to our blog, which covers all other aspects of the loss journey.


How long do dreads take to grow?

Dreadlocks take months to grow. A rough estimate of the period is 18 to 24 months in developing healthy and long dreads.

What helps dreads grow faster?

Keeping locs clean, using the right shampoo, regular grooming such as tightening, and a healthy diet make the dreads grow faster. In addition, using the right accessories while going to bed also helps with the texture.

How do you develop dreadlocks?

Several techniques are used to grow, such as increasing dreadlocks, twisting, and braiding. To grow healthy dreads, one must be religious and have a proper hair care routine for a long period.

Do dreads grow naturally?

Yes, once formed, the dreads grow naturally. However, they need proper attention and grooming, such as tightening occasionally, to prevent unraveling. If the dreads unravel quickly, you will need to start them again.

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