King Von Dreadlocks: History, Methods, and More!

Rappers have been the most significant influence for Gen-Z nowadays through social media platforms. Lil Durk, Chief Keef, King Von, and many others are on their way to influencing their audience through their rapping and styling. King Von Dreads is one of the prime examples of introducing transitional hairstyles. 

In this blog, we will share one of the inspiration dreadlock types from the rapper King Von, who won people’s hearts with his exceptional rapping art and trendy hairstyles. 

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We have covered you, from starting the dreadlocks to their maintenance and styling ideas. Furthermore, check our blog post with exceptional dreadlock styling ideas and trendy looks. 

How did King Von Dreads Start?

King Von Dread’s name comes from the famous rapper’s original name, Dayvon Daquan Hennett. 

He was and is an inspiration for the new generations regarding his work in the industry and his style and fashion looks, which serve the purpose well. 

He was the first one to introduce dreads through his trendy looks. Having natural hair type 4c natural hair, he turned them into traditional freeform dreads first with a strand twisting technique.

In this technique, the natural hair is sectioned into two, and Afro hair extensions are added to give it a fuller look. Moreover, the professionals made the two-strand twist King Von dreaded and left to match together over time. 

The hair strands matt and develop into locs eventually. That’s how you can also start King Von Dreads from scratch. 

When Did King Von Dreads Start?

Back in 2014, King Von started the dreadlocks look for adventure. He was obsessed with his hair transformation, so he kept the locs for almost six years before passing. 

Moreover, the first press release in December 2018 caught fire, and the dreadlocks trend went viral. 

In that press release, long shoulder-length hair locs were quite evident, giving the rapper a glamorous look. People started King Von dreads with short hair, and still date; these are in trend. 

Steps to Achieve King Von Dreads in 2024:

As you know, the loss journey is a long journey that tests your patience in several steps. Likewise, this loss journey has some easy steps requiring complete patience. So, let’s have a look at how to start King Von Dreads quickly:

1: Starter dreads

The first step to start Von dreads is on natural hair. No matter your hair type, you can begin to lock it from scratch. The best way is to start the dreads with starter locs using famous techniques such as palm rolling, backcombing, retwisting, etc. 

In addition, this step needs maintenance over some time by twisting, palm rolling, or gel. The sole purpose of this step is to mat the hair before starting the locs properly. 

2: Two-strand twist technique

Looking back into King Von’s dreadlock journey, we find he started the locs using the two-strand twisting technique. Although he kept experimenting with his hair and locs, it shows that if you want the same dreads, go for two-strand twists to make your locs. 

In addition, please keep them in good shape by retightening them now and then. Make sure to get a consultation with a loctician while starting this look. 

3: Bleaching the dreads

Furthermore, his look was completed with King von Dread’s color inspiration. People also caught this inspiration and started bleaching their dreads, which now is quite popular with dreads. 

The Bottom Line

To sum up, if this hairstyle inspires you, you have all the rights and the guide to achieving this look. We recommend talking with a loctician before diving deep.

A professional will analyze your hair and will recommend the best techniques. Moreover, he will inform you about the pros and cons of this hairstyle for your natural hair. 

Ensure you have completed your research before this visit and have some inspirational images to show your loctician. Further, you can get dreadlock maintenance and growth tips from our blog. 

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Who first invented dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks originated in 2500 BC and 1500 BC when God Shiva and his believers named people with dreads “JaTaa,” which means wearing knots in the hair. Moreover, the Rastafarian movement also shows ties to the dreadlocks in terms of spiritual means. 

Who started calling them dreadlocks?

The word dreadlocks come from the Rastafarians, who refer to this hairstyle as “dread”, which means fear of God. 

Who made locs famous?

In the 1980s, Bob Marley, reggae, and other Afro hairstyles boosted this style, which caught attention on social media. 

Are dreadlocks Rasta?

It is expected to see Rastas with dreadlocks, but remember that not all Rastas wear locs. Likewise, not everyone wearing dreadlocks has ties with Rastas. 

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