Dreadlocks are one of the most trendy hairstyles that are becoming popular. Although dreadlock seems a simple hairstyle, it is a lifestyle. Dreadlocks originated from the wick dreads that were popular in Florida and which later on spread in the whole wide world. 

If you don’t know about the wick dreads, don’t worry, as this blog is all about it. 

In this blog, we will share about one of the most amazing and ancient dreadlock styles, wick dreads, how to create them, tips to maintain wick dreads, and more. Let’s discover more about the dreads, their history, and originality. 

What are Wick Dreads?

Wick dreads are one of the types of dreadlocks that are mostly used in starting the dreads. This type of dreadlocks involves a crocheting technique to create them. 

By sectioning the hair into some equal sections, the hair is wrapped around a thin metal rod and secured tightly with an elastic band. In this way, the hair results in neat, uniform, and wick-shaped dreads that resemble the coil of ropes. 

The trend has hundreds of dread styles, but this style is quite famous due to its name. The name of this style comes from the wick of the candle. The shape of the final dreads resembles the shape of the candle’s wick and is hence named so. 

The Symbolism of Wick Dreadlocks

The dreads have been a major part of human culture, and their symbolism varies widely for different societies.

 In some cultures, the dreads are considered a sign of maturity; in others, they are associated with spirit energy or magical powers. Nowadays, These are a fashion statement for young people.  

Having the wick dreads is considered a fashion tactic to start the dreads and kick-start a new lifestyle journey that needs attention. 

Where Did Wick Dreads Originate From?

Wick dreads originated from South Florida as they became mainstream for several celebrities. 

For instance, one of the most popular celebrities to get the wick dreads is Kodak Black, who was seen sporting the wick and other dread hairstyles. After the influence, people started calling this style in common. 

Wick Dreads-dreadlockswig

How are they Different from Traditional Dreadlocks?

What is the difference between wicks and other traditional dreadlock styles? Well, the major difference is in their appearance. The standard dreads are thinner as compared to the wicks. 

Moreover, the wicks are easy to create using a needle, whereas other dreadlocks are easy to make by backcombing or using the dread wax on the hair.

Wick dreads look natural compared to the traditional locs, which are thinner and don’t have a naturalistic outlook.  

Another major difference is that other dreadlocks are easy to make in all hair types. On the other hand, wicks are common in people with afro-textured hair. Wavy and curly hair are good for starting the wicks.

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How Long Does It Take for Dreads to Lock?

The wick dreads are the basic style that aids in starting the dreads from scratch. The time in locking the wicks or other dread styles depends on the hair type and the texture. Moreover, it also depends on the outcome, which means the dreaded you want.

For beginners, the dreads take several months to years to develop throughout the length of your hair. 

To begin with wicks, the locticians recommend keeping the rubber bands in your hair for 3-4 weeks. If you fail to find significant results, leave them for additional weeks. 

Are Wick Dreadlocks Right For Me?

Now comes the tricky question of whether wick dreads are the right choice for you or not. Well, the answer lies in self-questioning. You must know first if you are ready for a consistent hair care routine.

 Any dread requires regular maintenance, and you can’t get over that. This is the right choice if you can manage your hair properly for years.

The second thing you must consider is whether you want it as a permanent hairstyle or not.

Because it is impossible to undo wicks or any other dreadlock styles in a month, only choose this style if you can stay consistent with your hairstyle. 

Wrapping Up:

To sum up, wick hair dreads are one of the fun and trendy hairstyles you must opt for if you are looking for change; with consistency and a good hair care regime, you can easily maintain wicks.

 Moreover, ask the basic questions, look for other people’s journeys, and consult with the professional before stepping on this loss journey. 


How Much Does It Cost to Wick Dreads?

Starting the wick dread can cost almost $100 to $300, depending on your hair length and salon. Moreover, the rates of starting the dreads also vary depending on the location. 

Who started Wick Dreads?

The hairstyòle comes from the African- Americans, most of whom were Afro-Carribeans to start with this type of dread

Do wicks cause hair damage?

Wicks only cause hair damage once unless you are following some bad haircare products or not maintaining them well.