5 Reasons to Get a Perfect Front Taper in 2024

Having dreadlocks is one of the lifelong decisions as dreadlocks are more than a hairstyle. It is a lifestyle that takes time and significantly changes your routine.

Unfortunately, with all the perks of having locs, there are some side effects, such as receding hairline. To prevent receding in the dreadlocks, a front taper is the best solution.

If you are new to this area of fashion, don’t worry. In this blog, we will cover what is front taper and why it is necessary to get with dreadlocks.

Moreover, we will help you get the perfect taper hairline. Continue reading to learn more about this. 

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What is a front taper hairline?

A taper hairline is mainly made on the front or the back of your neck, which functions well in edging the natural hairline. It perfectly works to protect the natural hairline from adding the locs.

Dreadlock hairstyles add triggers to the natural hair, leaving some side effects such as migraine and alopecia. 

A front taper helps keep the hairline intact and prevents messing up the locs and hairline. One must get the taper hairlines for all the good reasons and consult with the loctician before getting it done from the barber. 

Front Tape-dreadlockswig

5 Reasons that You Should Get A Front Taper

Having a tapered hairline with the dreadlocks style is always a plus. Not only does it keep the dreadlocks inside the edges, but it also prevents the airline from damage. Here, we share some potential reasons for getting the front taper look.

1: Lineup along the hairline

Having a neater hairline enhances any hairstyle, from simple hair to dreadlocks hairstyles. If you also want to make your hair attractive, get the front taper look to line up your hairline. 

There are hundreds of designs for the lineup, but the front taper look is the best choice among boys. Shaving the forehead with the right cuts and edges gives the fine hair
framing the desired face. 

2: Prevent receding hairline

 A receding hairline can develop in people for some serious reasons, such as hair loss, ageing, alopecia, or due to hair damage. It can only be treated with surgery or medication. Having heavy and long dreadlocks can also be a potential reason.

To prevent the receding hairline in people with dreadlocks, it is necessary to get the front taper look. If you want to flaunt your dreadlocks, you must work on the hairline as well.

Moreover, it makes a potential reason to get the tapered front look to protect your dreadlocks. 

3: Sharper look

Dreadlocks are equally famous in males and females. Having them settled with a sharper and broader forehead, a hairline is necessary. A Taper front hairline gives the perfect, more pointed look that makes it appear more masculine. 

In addition, a sharper look gives a neat and clean impression of the dreadlocks. No matter how many side effects you are facing with the dreadlocks, a clean and tidy hairline makes them blurry for a while.

Complementing the imperfect dreadlocks with a front taper is the best combo ever. 

4: Cleanliness

To get the most clean and tidy look with the dreadlocks, you must prefer some tapering hairline. Most girls prefer round tapering, but in boys, the front taper hairline is enough to get a tidy look. 

Reach your loctician and discuss your concern before sharing it with the barber. A barber can easily create a tapering hairline, but it can result in some severe hair loss from the front.

So, if you want to secure your hairline without damage, get professional advice from the loctician or your hairdresser. 

5: Masculine look

Last, one solid reason to get the front taper is to achieve the desired masculine look. The dreadlocks’ side effects can result in receding hairline due to excessive hair tension.

Prevent your hairline from further damage by this trick. It is a fantastic lifelong tip that adds value to your hair after some time. 


1. Does a front taper prevent the hairline from receding?

It lowers the chances of hairline receding with dreadlocks. For any hairstyle that needs retwisting the hair, receding is a genuine issue.

So, people with such hairstyles must look for the best tips and tricks to save their hair.  

2. Is a tapered hairline a safe choice?

A tapered haircut or hairline is safe for individuals who want to style their hair with dreadlocks or similar hairstyles.

It gives the perfect edges to the hair without damaging the hair on the sides.  

3. Should I get a front taper with a prominent forehead?

Having the mid to low fade is a good choice for people who have a prominent forehead or an oval-shaped face.

A tapered front can help get the perfect visually balanced look. 

4. Does the front taper help the hairline?

The hairstyles with locs are prone to recede the hairline. On the other hand, the front taper is considered to save the receding hairline.

When the hair is faded on the forehead or hairs are pulled by the locs, a tapered hairline comes to the rescue. 

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