Brotherlocks: A Modern Twist on Dreadlocks for Year 2024

Locs is one of the trendy hairstyles that always stays in fashion. Regardless of nationality, people are fascinated now with the tiny braids. Brotherlocks are one of the types of locs that is very popular among men.

Dr. JoAnne Cornwell first introduced the technique of developing locs for women and then proposed the same idea for women.

The locs are smaller than all other types, which makes them distinct from all different dreadlock looks.

Wear the Brotherlocks if you want the best New Year hair look. We have compiled all the necessary information for your better understanding.

In this blog, we will share about brother dreadlocks and what makes them different and unique. So, keep scrolling to learn more about this type of dreadlocks.


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How do Brotherlocks Look?

The locs look natural and unique at the same time. The locs are thinner and smaller than other locks, such as microlocs and sister locks. Resembling the sister locs, brother locs are also tiny but are specifically for men. 


In addition, the locs are easy to maintain in shape and appearance following some essential tips such as

  • Keep locs friction-free while sleeping. 
  • Wash locs twice a week to keep them neat and clean. 
  • Keep locs well moisturized and build-up free.
  • Retwist the locs when needed to save your investment. 
  • Go for a detailed detox treatment to keep locs fresh and in shape. 

Consult with the loctician if you want any guidance.

What are the Major Differences Between Dreadlocks and Brotherlocs?

Brotherlocs undoubtedly makes the best type of look, especially for men.

Dreadlocks and brother locs are both quite similar but with a few differences.

Both require proper attention to a hair care regime and are lifelong commitments. But, here, we share a few differences, such as the cost of brother locks, installation technique, size, and much more.

1: Size of brother locks

The locs are light in weight and appearance compared to all other types. They are thinner than sisterlocks and even microlocs.

If you want to install these locs, you can decide on the number, ranging from 300 to 500, depending on your hair thickness and locs size.

On the other hand, Dreadlocks are more extensive, and their number is deficient in installation.

Being bigger in thickness, the locs take up space and a massive surface area on the head, so their number is usually limited to 200 locs.

2: Styling options

Brother dreadlocks, being thinner and smaller, are easy to carry with different hairstyles.

You can style them into simple braids, head sectioning styles, buns, and even freefall with some hair accessories.

On the other hand, natural dreadlocks have limited styling options as their number is locs, and being thicker, it’s challenging to manage locs in braids and buns.

3: Installation technique

Another significant difference between dreadlocks and brotherlocks is the installation.

Mostly, the locs especially use interlocking to make these locs. This technique divides the hair into different sections and locks with a tool.

The tool creates hundreds of tiny knots with varying hair lengths and thicknesses.

Natural dreads are created with the help of old and conventional techniques, including twisting and palm rolling.

Depending upon your hairstyle choice, you can quickly get the hair dreaded by professionals.

4: Cost

Cost makes a massive difference when choosing dreadlocks or brother locks. Being a modern, and new technique, Brother locs are more expensive than natural locs.

Its average cost ranges from $500 to $800. Moreover, the price depends on several factors such as experience, and skills of the loctician, hair length, thickness, and location.

Dreadlocks are easy to get; you can start them at home by looking at some YouTube tutorials.

Moreover, you can get them started from a professional at cheap rates.

How to Start Brother Dreadlocks?

Getting the brother locks is quite a task. Remember that the process is time-consuming and requires full focus to keep locs in good shape.

Here are some basic steps that you must follow while starting the brother locks:

1: Consult with the best loctician

Make sure to visit the loctician before you finalize to take the services. Visit your loctician and share all your concerns about the installation process, cost, maintenance, and more.

2: Installation

Once the details are finalized, ensure you have enough time to install the locs. Different installation techniques exist, so you must choose the most secure one.

In the brother locks installation, the locticians install locs with interlocking tools.

So, let your loctician perform their skills on your hair and use the right shampoo to keep them clean and well maintained afterward.

3: Follow up

Once the locs are installed, it is necessary to maintain them with the much-needed loctician follow-ups. Retightening is much needed for all types of locs.

So, make sure you get your locs tightened after a while. In addition, you can visit your optician if you need help maintaining the locs.

Interlocking locs are best for individuals with fine hair. Certain hair tools, such as crochet needles, are helpful in starting the interlocks. 

Moreover, people with any hair type can get the interlock if they know how and when to maintain their locs.  The best way is to discuss with a hair expert and get professional services. 

Final thoughts:

To sum up, Brotherlocs look natural and make the best look for a change. If you are struggling for the best hair, look for the new year and go with it.

Remember to consult initially before finalizing this technique. Choose the right style and do follow-ups to save your investment.


What are the advantages of getting Brotherlocks?

The locs give you the perfect look you want, making it an ideal fashion statement for fashion enthusiasts.

They are easy to maintain and come with tiny dreads that add no weight to your head.

Can only boys get the brother dreadlocks?

No. Although this is a preferred dreadlock type for men, girls can also opt for this hairstyle. It is a cool hairstyle for both genders. It is easy for guys to maintain short hair, but girls will have to focus on maintaining long lengths.

Are brother locks permanent?

Brotherlocks are tricky to unlock as they are locked with a tool. Their complete removal is impossible.

However, the locs can be opened and transformed into other types with some hair damage.


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