What are Freeform Dreads? Growth Tips and Advantages

Using hair-setting sprays and gels is a common practice nowadays. These chemically harsh products damage your hair and leave brittle strands.

We have you covered if you are looking for a hair-protective hairstyle that is easy to achieve without such products. Freeform dreadlocks are the last resort. These dreads protect your natural hair and give you the most authentic look.

In this blog, we will share what freeform dreads are, how to maintain freeform locs, and much more.

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Please explore our website and find the best dreadlock extensions in all different types, from freeform to sisterlocks. Now, let’s dig into how freeform dreads work.

What are Freeform Dreads?

This type of dreadlock style helps your hair grow naturally without any manipulation.

Young woman with long, flowing freeform dreadlocks viewed from the back

In this hairstyle, the hair is divided into equal sections, and each section starts with a twist or braid, which then grows naturally.

Additionally, the individuals believe that freeform dreadlocks offer cultural significance and spiritual advantages, making it an outstanding hairstyle. Freeform dreadlock allows the hair to grow naturally without using hair-growing oils and other products.

Further, as the name reveals, freeform allows your hair to do its own thing.

Why Do People Grow Freeform Dreads?

There are several reasons for growing freeform dreads, including their spiritual significance and cultural values. Speaking about spirituality, many people believe that hair holds energy. Locs symbolize freedom from established norms and offer a resort for the ones who want a purer version of locs.


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When discussing culturally, many groups in the communities have been facing disrespect and disdain, resulting in different forms of discrimination.

Dreadlocks symbolize the acceptance of their natural beauty standards and racial pride, preserving their identity.

How to Grow Freeform Locs?

There are a number of steps to start the freeform dreads. Here, we share this particular hairstyle’s basic steps and preparation requirements.


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1: Section your hair

The first step in starting the dreadlocks is to get clean hair. For that purpose, wash your hair and air dry them.

Next, make sections of your hair into any size of your choice. Remember the fact that smaller sections mean thinner logic and larger sections mean thicker locs,

So, you can choose either according to your needs. Section your hair correctly.

2: Braiding or two-strand twisting

Once done with the sectioning, the next step is to make braids or two-strand twists. To start your locs, make braids or twists, making sure not to use any hair products. Hair products at this stage soften the hair and delay the process of hair locking.

3: Let them grow

The next step is to do nothing and leave your hair as it is. Depending on how secure your braids are, you can continue to wash your hair, but after some time.

Make sure to wash your locs without using hair products such as shampoos and conditioner, and dry your hair as soon as you wash it. Do not sleep with damp locs.

How Much Time Does Freedom Locs Take to Grow?

How long the freeform locs grow depends upon several factors, such as the length of your hair, its texture, and how you care.

So, if you have coarse hair texture, get ready to get freeform locs quickly, as they are faster than thinner hair.

Moreover, typically, the hairs lock within a couple of weeks or can take years to grow into freeform locs fully.

Advantages of Starting Freeform Locs:

Growing the freeform locs has several benefits, such as without harsh chemicals or manipulation with tools.

It results in increasing natural hair without any hassle. Here, we share some other freeform locs benefits, such as:

1: Low maintenance

Unlike all other loc types. Freeform locs require low maintenance. You only need to keep the locs clean and check for preventive measures for unlocking. Further, avoid stress on your roots and do not use haircare products.

2: Zero manipulation

Another advantage of picking this type of locs is that you can grow and enjoy organic hair without manipulation. No heat, styling equipment, or hair-setting products make the hair look more presentable.

3: Organic growth

Choosing freeform locs allows you to get your desired hairstyle without damaging the natural hair.

The huge advantage of this style is that it allows you to grow dreadlocks organically. Further, you will be able to enjoy and preserve your natural growth.

4: Better expression of natural hair

Last, when groomed well organically, dreadlocks look more presentable. The hair not only looks natural but also allows your hair to flourish and thrive.

How to Style Freeform Dreads?

With freeform dreads, it is challenging to look for the right hairstyle. It is a natural hairstyle that doesn’t need any further styling.

However, on some occasions, women prefer to wear formal hairstyles. So, here we will share a few hairstyles that you can rock with freeform or semi-freeform dreadlocks:

1: Ponytails

You can wear your locks in ponytails or updos such as buns. These styles cause locs to lock and prevent them from unraveling. Further, you can complement your look with hair accessories or hair extensions.

2: Layered look

Another best way to style your freeform locs is by layering them with the hairpins. This makes a unique and dimensional hairstyle that captures the attention and adds to your personality.

3: Half up dreads

You can wear halòf up and half-down dreads if you want to transform your look. It’s easy to make and style your hair as you wish. Furthermore, it allows you to wear some hair without any interference.

Take away:

To summarize, you can choose this type of dread for many reasons. You can use it if you avoid hair chemicals, equipment, or other equipment. Further, it would help if you learned about their growing stages and maintenance tips and tricks.


How do you freeform dreadlocks?

You can start your freeform dreadlocks using braids or two-strand twists. Start by sectioning your hair, then get the braids done and let them grow. Make sure to keep them clean and stop brushing them.

How long do freeform dreadlocks take?

On average, the freeform dreads take three to five weeks to get into loc form. However, developing into mature locs takes months to years without using any hair product.

Why are freeform dreads better?

Freeform dreads are better than all other types as they are easy to start at home without using a crochet or locking needle.

Furthermore, no use of hair-setting products such as sprays, gels, and wax makes it an organic type of growing dread.

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