5 Fantastic Ways to Take Down Soft Locs!

Amazingly, 37% of people love changing hairstyles now and then. With the beginning of the new year, everyone wants to transform their look. Are you also looking to transform your look by removing the locs? If this is the scenario, we are here to help you out. This blog will teach you how to take down soft locks easily. 

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How to Take Down Locs Naturally?

Studies reveal that more than 90% of individuals regret instantly after significant life decisions. Getting or removing the locs is also one of the critical decisions of your life, as your total personality depends on it.

So, here we will share how to transform your look by removing the soft locs at home.

5 Methods To Remove Soft Locs

Soft locs, as the name reveals, are loose and smooth. They are easy to manage in different hairstyles and are also easy to remove with some standard techniques.

One must learn the method before practicing at home. So, let’s have a look at the possible ways of talking down the soft locs:

1: Direct method

The direct method of removing the locs is to remove them without cutting the natural hair. Cutting is also involved in this technique, but no natural hair damage exists. 

The first step is to cut the locs from the ends. Start unraveling the soft locs and grip your wrapped hair to untangle them. Moreover, using moisturizer at this step makes it easier to remove the locs. 

Likewise, unwrap all the hair loss and use moisturizer at the end to soften the natural hair. Learn this technique and other techniques by watching videos on YouTube about taking down soft locs and saving your bucks for spending on removing the locs.

2: Root cut method

The second most popular method to take down the dreadlocks is the root cut method, which involves cutting down the locs with scissors.

Remember that this method is easy for some faux locs but not all. Additionally, it is best for soft locs as they quickly unravel and come out. 

Start this method by getting your hands on some scissors. Moreover, choose a loc you want to unravel and pull out the extension from the roots. 

Further, cut down the loc hair loop without damaging your natural hair. In the next step, pull down the faux hair loc and remove it quickly. The method is similar to the scissor method but involves pulling out the locs from the roots. Lastly, unravel all your locs from natural hair and transform your hairstyle as you want. 

3: The Scissor Method

It is one of the simplest and quickest methods for removing soft locs. In this technique, the hair extensions are unraveled and then pulled out. 

This method is best for the locs that are for temporary use and you don’t look forward to using them again. Here are some easy steps that you must follow:

  1. Remove all kinds of hair accessories from your locs. 
  2. Grab the extension and separate your natural locs. 
  3. Hold the soft loc from the base and twist the loc to reveal natural hair. 
  4. Cut some loc extension if needed to get to your natural hair. 
  5. Carefully pull out the natural hair so you don’t damage it.
  6. With the cutting of the loc extension, simply untwist the loc and pull out the rest of the loc extension. 
  7. Unravel all the locs and natural hair and remove all from your hair. 
  8. Moisturize your natural hair in the end. 

4: Unravel method

Unraveling the locs is one of the easiest and safest methods to take down the soft locks.

If you are still looking at how to take out locs without cutting, this is the proper technique for you. As the name reveals, this technique does not use scissors or other unraveling tools. 

But, one drawback of this technique is that it is time-consuming, and you may find it expensive at professional hair care shops.

But, the pro of choosing this method is that you can quickly learn and practice it at home as it comes with no side effects. 

To take down the soft locs, start unraveling the locs. In addition, make sure that you start from the ends and move towards the roots. It may appear not easy initially, but you will overcome it after a few locs, so be consistent. 

Moreover, to make this practice more accessible, moisturize your locs before starting or use a conditioner on your hair and let it sit for some time. It will soften up the locs so that you can quickly unravel and remove the loc extensions without cutting them.

5: Knotted technique

Removing the locs is also challenging as much as installing the locs is. But, the good news is that there are different methods available that have made this easy for all.

If your locs are knotted, start from the base of soft locs. The first step of this technique is to twist the braids in the opposite direction. Then, slowly begin unraveling the hair extensions.

Once you reach your natural hair while unraveling, pull out the natural hair. If you want to use the locs again, slowly remove them without damaging the natural hair. In this way, all the locs are unraveled and taken out slowly. 


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The Bottom Line

To sum up, removing the locs is time-consuming as you have to unwrap each loc separately and pull it out cautiously. So, be mentally prepared, use a moisturizer or conditioner, and let it sit for some time. Be gentle and patient with your locs; you don’t want to damage the natural hair. 

If you need more confidence, talk with a professional or get their help removing boring locs. If you feel irritation on your scalp, run to a professional or look for possible solutions on our blog.


What is the fastest way to remove soft locs?

The fastest way to remove soft locs is using scissors, which helps you eliminate faux locs. After cutting the locs, you can easily pull them out without fear. 

Do soft locs damage your hair?

If installed and removed correctly, soft locs cause no damage. They are smooth and add no extra stress or tension to your scalp, which makes them a safer choice for individuals, 

How long can you leave soft locs in?

Soft locs stay in natural hair for 4 to 6 weeks quickly; if taken care of properly, their stay time increases to eight weeks. Ultimately, you must replace the locs to keep your scalp from infection and irritation. 

Do soft locs come out?

Soft locs come out quickly if they are softened up already. In addition, using the proper technique makes it easy to remove locs without any side effects to the scalp and natural hair.

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