10 Coolest Mohawk Dreadlock Styles for 2024

Dreadlock hairstyles are inspiring and surprising at the moment. As rightly said, experiencing the unexpected is better than what you think. It applies to hair loss as it takes time to grow and results in locs you can’t imagine. If you are a beginner and thinking of restyling your look with dreads, Mohawk dreads are what you should choose for this year. 

This blog will share some really inspired Mohawk looks for men and women. Additionally, Dreadlock Wig has the best professional advice for beginners about how to start, maintain and grow locs. So, remember not to check our blog and get unique ideas for carrying your dreadlocks looks. 


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10 Must-Have Hairstyles with Mohawk Dreads

Most of the Mohawk styles are interchangeable as both genders can carry them depending upon their desired look. However, some styles look great on men, such as classic Mohawk dreads, faux Mohawk, and many others. Let’s explore more:

1: Classic Mohawk Dreads

This makes one of the earliest Mohawk dread male hairstyles simple yet elegant and makes you look confident. In Thai style, the eyes are drawn downwards from the front to the back with a high fade. In addition, a sharp lineup and a C-shaped beard complement this hairstyle.

To get the right hair look, show inspirational pictures from the internet to your hairdresser and enjoy your new look with this simple yet classic hairstyle that beats all others. 

2: Afro Mohawk Dreadlocks

A touch-up of Mohawk with short dreadlocks along the sides of your head makes for the best hairstyle. In this look, the middle section of the head has slightly longer dreadlocks than the slides. 

Moreover, it features uneven lengths of locs at the side, adding spontaneity to the look. Afro Kinko extensions are available on the marketplace and can be added to the head to get the desired look with slightly longer dreads. In addition, if you have slight and delicate dreads, you can also get the extensions added for extra bounce and volume. 

3: Dyed Mohawk

To transform your dreadlocks, one way to dye them is to bring some colors to them. In addition, Mohawk and dyes can totally transform the whole personality. Mohawk with specific units dyed makes them look surreal. 

In addition, braided dyed Mohawk dreads contrasting with the darker roots are also a hit for women. You can opt for the high fade blends into sharp lines across the sides to add fun to your look. Further, adding colorful hair accessories and bands also complements the dyed dreads. 

4: Mohawk Mullet

Mohawk dreads in black men are common, and mullet is another popular dreadlock style.  Moreover, the unique blend of mullet and Mohawk makes the hair look the best. 

In this style, the loose Mohawk is blended with a longer mullet. It is best for boys and girls with longer dreadlocks. Depending upon your desired look and personality, you can also opt for this look with short dreads. But an extra length is the game changer for this look and adds extra style to the whole look. 

5: Double twist Mohawk 

Edgy girls are often interested in dreadlocks; edgier ones can spot the Mohawk look. Mohawk styles in girls are now getting popular with the influence of social media. Additionally, Mohawks make tripping hair looks with the right choice of clothes and accessories. 

Mohawk features a unique hairstyle for the beginners. A short double twist of dreads with a mohawk is a classy yet game-changing dreadlock style. For women, it makes the best choice as most of the ladies love to play with hair and colors. 

Shaved Mohawk dreads on the sides are perfect to add more drama to your hair. Further, the frizzy locs add extra volume to the growing stages of dreads. This makes one of the best Mohawk dreads styles for ladies with short dreads.

6: Soft female Mohawk look

Last but not least, another fantastic hairstyle for short dreadlocks is the soft female Mohawk, in which the hair doesn’t stick up and the hair swoops towards the front. These accessories complement the look and make it a perfect style for daily routine, especially for students and working women. 

7: Taper fade Mohawk 

Are you looking for a sharp yet versatile hairstyle? With the suitable layers of dreads, it makes the best choice with shorter ones on the sides and longer ones on the top. Fader is generally shorter from the sides giving minimum hairline visibility. 


A taper adds to the length on the sides and back to balance the look. So, if you want something for a party and office hairstyle, this one is undoubtedly for you. 

8: Braided Mohawk

Dreadlocks look better with braid hairstyles; one of the coolest is a Mohawk and braid combo. A fishtail braid of dreadlocks looks more classier than simple braids. Add flowers, beads, or other hair accessories to double the glamor if you want to rock this look for a formal event. 

9: Undercut

One of the different dread styles is an undercut, in which you can enjoy dreads by partying the way. It gives a real time transformation of the dull locs without losing hair volume. You need a Long Mohawk with an undercut to bring real change to your locs this year. 

10: Mohawk Dreads with Side Shave

For an edgy look, consider Mohawk dreadlocks with a side shave. It is an effortless yet elegant style that beautiful dreads by shaving one side of the head. 


When the dreads are styled on one side, it gives the perfect side cut style, making it an effortless hairstyle for girls and boys.


Bottom line:

When carried with the right hair look, Mohawk dreads, braided or freeform, completely change your whole personality. For males and females, there are hundreds of different styles in trend. One can choose the volume, length, and style of one’s dreadlocks. Knowing your desired dreadlock look makes it easier for the hair specialist to do the experimentation. 


What was the first dreadlocks?

The dreadlocks track back to the ancient culture between 1500 BC and 2500 BC. God Shiva and his followers describe deadlock’s meaning as “wearing knots of tangled hair”.

Are dreadlocks Indian or African?

No specific region or place is associated with the dreadlocks’ history. However, any area with people of African descent having thick and coarse hair dreadlocks in the community were the ancestors. 

What type of hair is Mohawk?

The Mohawk style is a bold and daring hairstyle featuring shaving on the sides and a strip of hair down the center of the head, which is now complemented with shorter or longer dreadlocks.

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