The Ultimate Guide for Permanent Loc Extensions

Loc extensions have been a trend for the last few years. Originating from Egypt locs are still gaining popularity for their uniqueness.

Locking natural hair is quite a time-consuming and challenging procedure that tests your patience.

To avoid the hassle of locking natural hair, the best alternative is permanent loc extensions.

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What Are Permanent Loc Extensions?

Permanent loc extensions make the best hairstyles by adding extra length, volume, and thickness to your natural hair.

The loca are also made up of natural and synthetic hair crocheted into loc bundles. The locs are easy to install but need persistent attention. They require professional installation as they can’t be installed at home.

The locs are made with natural human hair threaded into dreads form. Adding locks to loose, thin, and less natural hair is a great idea.

It not only adds volume but also transforms overall personality. Depending on your hair traits, you can choose from various permanent locs.

How to Install Permanent Dread Extensions?

A professional known as a hair loctician can perform this job in the right way. The loc extensions look natural and add extra length and volume.

Depending upon their knowledge, skills, experience, and location, professionals charge differently for permanent hair loc installation.

Moreover, the locs are installed into natural locs using specific tools such as crochet needles, crochet hooks, and interlocking tools. These tools are available from the professionals, so their assistance is needed.

The installation time depends on the hair loss number or the desired look. The installation can be quickly done in one day if no extra services are needed.

Moreover, post-installation maintenance is required to keep the locs in good shape and condition.

How Long Do Permanent Locs Last?

As the name reveals, the loc extensions last longer than all other loc types. Usually, they may last 2-3 years with a good hair care regime.

The locs are 100% natural, which adds to their shelf life and makes them easy to carry without adding extra weight on the head.

4 Tips for Maintaining Permanent Locs

In addition, permanent human hair extensions come with no bleach or color, so they stay longer than all other types. Further, here are some fantastic tips to keep permanent locs in good shape for a longer time frame:

1: Cleaning

Keep your loc extensions clean. Make sure you wash the locs after some time to avoid any build-up. Use exclusive shampoo for the locs to keep them from fungus. Further, dry your locs thoroughly after each wash to prevent buildup.

2: Washing

Keep your locs dry as they get weaker with extra washing. Moreover, locs become frizzy, which causes hair thinning.

If you want your locs to last longer, wash them once a week and keep them clean using dry shampoo.

3: Retightening

Make sure your locs get retightening and retwisting sessions regularly. Frizzy and swollen hair locs don’t give a good impression and make locs look ugly and untidy.

4: Sleeping

Sleeping with locs can be challenging for first-time users.

Locs cause friction, lint accumulation, and breakage with some cloth types, such as silk and satin. Use a T-shirt or a microfiber camping towel while sleeping with locs.

For more hair care tips, consult your loctician, as they can suggest better ones according to your hair type and locs condition.

Continue reading blogs on our website to learn about loc extensions, installation tips, retightening procedures, and more.

How much do loc extensions cost?

There is no proper answer to this question, as it totally depends on the budget, number of locs, and installation charges required to cover the entire head. Both are different depending on several factors.

Hair loc extensions have different prices according to the number of locs, color, and size.

Moreover, it also depends on the locs type; for example, permanent locs with curly end extensions are higher in cost and demand.

Apart from locs, one must consider their installation and maintenance charges while deciding to install permanent dreads. The dreadlock installation charges range between $300 to $600.

Moreover, the vendors and locticians charge differently, so one must contact the hair stylist to get a quote about both things before finalizing things.

Final thoughts:

To sum up, permanent loc extension is a great way to transform your look. It will enhance your look and will give extra bounce to your hair.

Consult with a loctician before finalizing the locs bundles. Make sure to choose natural human hair loc extensions over synthetic locs. Maintain locs with retwisting, cleaning, and using the fitting cap.


Can you keep loc extensions in permanently?

Yes, permanent dread extensions are available in the market that can be installed with the help of a professional and can be used for years.

How long do permanent dread extensions last?

They last from 1 year to 3 years, depending on how you keep your hair. It depends on how you treat your locs post-installation and how you care for them.

How much do permanent loc extensions cost?

Permanent locs cost from $600 to $1000 depending upon which hair loss and hair loctician you choose. In addition, extra charges are added for maintenance and retwisting after several months.

Do loc extensions mature?

Loc extensions made with human hair take time to mature internally. They look like starter locs but get frizzy and swell during the loss journey.

At this stage, they demand attention and proper retightening to give a more mature outlook.

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