5 Amazing Hair Protective Styles for Locs 2024

Having dreadlocks is a persistent and challenging journey with perks and struggles. Keeping the locs in good condition and presentable are two huge downsides everyone needs to consider. With the right choice of protective dreadlock styles for locs, you can attract the attention of others. 

In this blog, we will share how to style your locs with complete protection so they do not damage your hair. In addition, Dreadlock Wig has a thorough guide about how to start locs, dreadlock maintenance tips, and much more. Explore our blog and find remedies and solutions in your dreadlocks journey.  

What Are Protective Hairstyles?

The hairstyles that last for weeks and protect your natural hair from chronic damage are known as protective hairstyles. Dreadlocks are one of the protective hairstyles that is getting all the hype. Moreover, attention to detail is needed to keep the dreads in good shape. 

To keep the locs in good condition, washing, cleaning, and retightening them now and then is necessary. Studies reveal that washing the dreads twice a week is enough to keep them from dehydration and buildup. 

Advantages of Protecting Loc Hairstyles:

The beginners must learn that protective hairstyles are better for long dreads than shorter locs. Furthermore, they offer the following advantages that make them exceptional. 

  • Help locs retain the natural hair oils and moisture.
  • Protect locs from the elements, which can be hair-damaging. 
  • No more heat treatments to give frizziness. 
  • Offer extra time while getting ready, as no more instant styling is needed. 
  • Easy to wear for six to eight weeks without any side effects. 
  • Transform your dull look into a new one. 
  • Can change the style after two months. 

5 Most Inspirational Protective Styles Locs

The hairstyles are easy to make without any help from the professionals as they are pretty basic. But, if you still lack something, you can watch some YouTube dreadlock styling tutorials to get hands-on practice. Here are some protective styles for long locs hats that can quickly transform your look. 

1: Crochet braids

This is one of the most significant styles that involves braiding the crocheted locs but with some defined patterns. In this hairstyle, you can use extensions such as Marley’s hair to add extra volume to your natural locs. Moreover, adding additional length as extensions makes this one of the protective styles for short locs. 

The style is simple and easy to achieve, but keep the locs tight enough, which causes stress on your scalp. 

2: Twisted updo 

A twisted updo is another easy-to-achieve look with dreads. To recreate this look, you need to section your locs into four equal parts, following the gathering of each section at the front. Moreover, the section can be twisted into a small bump, creating a sturdy loc rope. Lastly, secure it with a hair elastic and bobby pins. 

Similarly, twist each section around and make them appear as a rope twist cascade. You can also complete this look at the end with some hair accessories.

3: Sideband swoop

Protective styles over locs are easy to make as the locs are already twisted, and there is no need for initial effort. To get this hairstyle, separate the locs into three sections. There should be two sections on the front and one on the back. 

Furthermore, ensure that a section at the front is bigger than the other. Now, drape the section over your ear and secure it with hairpins.

Additionally, drape the other front to the other side and let the back section freeform. Finally, add hair jewelry or accessories to complement your look as per your event. 

4: Bob braids

Braids of any kind make the best hairstyle out of dreadlocks. It makes the best protective styles of locs for short hair. Bob braids are easy to carry for work and college and are easy to make. 

To get the bob braids, have fresh and tightened short locs. Section your locs in equal partitions and start styling them in any way. You can hitch the look backward, to the side, or with a middle partition. Secure the braids at the end with hair beads or unique hairpins. 

5: Cornrow loc braids

Cornrow braids take no time to make and are easy to make. In addition, you can switch hairstyles weekly or biweekly. Moreover, you can rock this look horizontally on your head, curved to the back. 

Furthermore, complete the locs look by tying your braids into a ponytail. Young women in Africa have been rocking this look for centuries, which is now in trend. 

The Bottom Line:

To sum up, dreadlocks are easy to style in various looks, depending upon your preferences. From simple buns to ponytails, there are unique and long-lasting protective hairstyles for locs with black hair. Make sure to research the style thoroughly before starting. 


Are protective styles suitable for locs?

Protective styles are good for locs as they keep a particular look for over two weeks. They are also best for people who love experimenting with their hairstyles. 

How long can you keep locs in a style?

You can easily keep a particular hairstyle for 6 to 8 weeks, depending on which style you prefer and how you maintain it. If you keep locs neat with a specific look, you can manage any style easily for longer. 

What protective style is least damaging?

Any hairstyle with no heating tools and harsh chemicals, such as setting sprays or gels, is the least damaging. In addition, loose hairstyles that are easy on the scalp are the best. 

Are locs better than braids?

If you are looking for a permanent protective hairstyle, then locs are better. Braids is a temporary style that you can also achieve with locs. 

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