10 Simple Yet Inspiring Hairstyling Ideas for Small Locs

With the recent influence on the loss journey, you may have noticed that beginners are also inclined to style their short locks. Small locs are the first phase during the locs journey, which needs utmost attention. Likewise, small dreadlocks are easy to style with some simple and basic ideas.

If you are also new to the locs journey and looking for fresh ideas for styling locs, don’t worry; we have got you covered. This blog will share some inspiring ideas about style small locs for females.

Additionally, Dreadlock Wig has gathered all the expert advice and opinions to help you from scratch. Please go through our blog and find advanced knowledge about how to style locs, locs maintenance tips and tricks, and much more. Now, let’s start with what is small or short locs.

What are Small Locs?

Small dreadlocks, also familiar as “mini locs” or “micro locs,” are created by sectioning the hair into equal parts and then making the twists. The locs are very small in size and thickness, just like the size of noodles.


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Several methods exist for creating short locs, such as twisting, coil twisting, interlocking, and crocheting. Using the correct technique, the locs develop into tightly curved coils that grow with the natural hair.

Here, we share how you can style your locs at this phase and pass this frizzy stage of the locs journey hassle-free.

10 Small Locs Style Ideas for 2024

Small locs are quite challenging for beginners as they need help with what to do with such short locs. Moreover, the locs get frizzy and shrink at this time. So, here are a few simple ideas to get through this time frame with some modern styling options, such as:

1: Spiral locs

Getting creative with the short locs is quite a task. Spiral locs are one of the ways to style locs in which the locs are tightly coiled. The locs are set with a locking gel. They make a doable updo with short and thin locs.

2: Side partition

If you are in a hurry and need help with what to do with your short locs, learn about parting them to the side. To create this look, make a horizontal line on the side and side them all in one direction, starting from the front hairline to the crown of your head.

It is a perfect two-minute hairstyle for school-going girls and working ladies.

3: Dyed locs

Coloring the locs is now in trend. The best way to transform your dull locs is to color them in any of the colors you choose. If you want a subtle look, go with caramel, dark brown, or hazel color. Being funky, you can color the locs in matching or contrasting shades.

Moreover, colored locs freeform or with side partitions look great.

4: Two-strand twisted bob

Another way to get creative with the short locs is by trying the twisted bob hairstyle. To achieve the look, use the simple two-strand twist method, a common technique for starting the locs.

The short locs are already thin and easy to manage in two-strand twisting.

5: Heart shaped buns

Having short locs tests your patience with the maintenance and styling. But, it also comes with the perks of simple and quick styling without hassling managing long locs.

Buns with thin and short locs look very modern. Another best hairstyle to try with the mini locs for females is to create heart shaped buns on both sides of your head crown. You are tying your buns with elastic bands to keep them in place.

6: Low Ponytail

People think ponytails are only possible with long locs or hair strands. But have you ever tried managing short locs into a ponytail? It gives a super cute look for managing short to medium-length locs.

7: Low Mohawk

Mohawk is a popular hairstyle with locs that is also trending nowadays. Try a low mohawk with mini locs, and you will surely enjoy this new look.

To achieve this hairstyle, pull all your hair into three sections and twist it to create a loose bun.

Furthermore, you can add short locs extensions or other hair accessories to modify this look per your styling needs.

8: Dreadlock bangs

To manage the short locs, bangs are another cool yet modern hairstyle. To style your locs differently in bangs, you can color them.

Make sure to get bangs with locs haircut from a professional to get the perfect length and size of bangs according to your face cut.

9: Bantu knots

Are you looking for a different yet unique hairstyling idea this year? Manage your tiny locs with the Bantu knots that look alluring. Short and thin locs are perfect for creating knots that are manageable. Make sure to secure the knots with rubber bands to stay in place. Furthermore, ensure all the knots are equally distant and equal in size.

10: Criss-cross dreads

Short locs are easy to manage in braids, buns, and ponytails. Another untraditional way of styling locs is the criss-cross braiding style.

For this style, section your front hairline into two sections and start braiding like a fishtail until you reach the head crown. In the end, secure tightly with an elastic or rubber band.

Bottom line:

To sum up, having short locs is quite an overwhelming experience. Learn how to grow and manage locs in this stage; you will be accessible on your locs in the next phases.

Take inspiration from the above short locs styling ideas this year and transform your look now and then.


How do you style small dreads?

Small dreads are easy to style with low ponytails, short buns, and hair accessories. The locs look great with the hair accessories and can be easily rocked freeform.

What are small locs called?

Micro locs is a common name for thin and short locs. In addition, other names for these are mini locs, short locs, and sister locs.

What is the best style for small dreads?

Small dreads are easy to carry freeform by side partition. It is a two-minute hair look you can easily do while leaving home for study or work. You can also use a setting spray and locking gel to keep them in place.

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