5 Major Differences Between Soft Locs and Butterfly Locs

Locs is one of the influential hairstyles that has been gaining popularity due to its high demand over the past few years. Dreadlocks come in several types and are easy to manage in several looks. In this blog, we will compare soft locs vs. butterfly locs. 

Dreadlock Wig has compiled everything from starting the locs to their maintenance and beyond. If you are a beginner looking for free guides for managing your locs, remember to check our exclusive dreadlock blog. 

Soft Locs vs. Butterfly Locs:

Soft locs, as the name reveals, are soft, loose, and light. Being lighter and soft, they are easily manageable in a number of hairstyles, which makes them high in demand nowadays.


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In addition, other characteristics of soft locs include:

  • Preferred for short and fine hair
  • Best for knitted and wrapped hair looks
  • Easily to recreate
  • Mostly crocheted
  • Natural looking locs

On the other hand, butterfly locs are tighter around the head and are best for longer hair. They are similar to soft locs but appear differently.

They look messier and come with their hair styling options. The significant attributes of butterfly locs include:

  • Textured
  • Comes with loops
  • Extra volume
  • Best for non-wrapping hairstyles

5 Major Differences Between Soft Locs & Butterfly Locs

With hundreds of locs types and extensions available, it becomes challenging for a beginner to differentiate between soft locs vs. butterfly locs vs crochet locs. But here are some apparent differences with which you will be able to differentiate between these two loc types:

1: Visuals

The soft locs look neat and have a straight direction in real life compared to the butterfly locs, which are messier. Their appearance is the first difference significantly influencing soft locs vs. butterfly locs pros and cons. 

2: Texture & Volume

The second difference is enormous: both loc types’ texture and volume. Butterfly locs are messier and hold a rough texture and more volume than soft ones, which are small, thin, and silky.

Other ones are easy to manage in different hairstyles due to their smooth texture. 

3: Maintenance

Soft locs are low-maintenance locs and stay clean. It doesn’t get messy or greasy quickly. In addition, they are easy to manage without washing the locs for days.

On the other hand, the different types of dreadlocks create scalp tension and require a complete hair care regime to be in good condition. It produces oil buildup on the scalp and needs detoxification every two months. 

4: Recreation

Recreation is relatively easy with the soft and manageable locks. If your locs unravel, you can recreate them with hair-tightening techniques such as palm rolling and retwists. Butterfly locs last up to six weeks and then need recreation after a long duration. 

5: Price

The cost of soft locs is quite budget-friendly for individuals who want to add extensions to their heads for the first time. The soft locs hair packs range from $200 to $300. On the other hand, butterfly locs cost more than $500. 

The Bottom Line:

To sum up, soft locs vs. butterfly locs are different locs extensions with different features. Before ordering, one must understand their characteristics, such as texture, volume, and cost. In addition, one must consult online or research their own from different blogs about their preferences. 


Are soft locs better than butterfly locs?

Soft locs are better than butterfly locs in their nature, cost, and hairstyling. Butterfly locs have features that stand out from all other dreadlock extensions. 

What are the disadvantages of soft locs?

Soft locs can be irritating at times and create unnecessary hair-scalp tension. Moreover, the locs, being smooth in texture, require careful hair care. 

How long do soft locs last?

This type of lock can last longer than other types. For instance, locs last four to eight weeks easily, but their period increases if they are kept well using the right hair shampoo and conditioner. 

Are faux locs and butterfly locs the same?

Both are different, as soft locs are easy to install with a specific technique. On the other hand, faux locs are added within a braid or by crochet installation technique.

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