Durags for Dreads – Better Hair Care or Just a Style Statement?

Did you just spend hours getting the perfect dreads? 

You might need durag to keep it in place.

Like other hair accessories such as clips, barrettes, etc., durags also secure dreads. Durags not only protect dreads but also keep braids clean and leave the perfect waves.

But are durags good for the dreads or not?

Let’s dive deeper into the details and discover what durags are and why they are popular.

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What are Durags?

A durag is a scarf-like cloth that is close-fitted and usually tied to your head. People have been using this head covering for centuries by African Americans.

Durags help to keep your hair in place even if you have dreads, braids, or growing waves. They usually come with a bow present at the front or back. Now, durags are more of a fashion statement and are a popular hair accessory.

Durags Types

Before discussing the benefits and usage of durags for braids or dreads, let’s look at some basic durags.

Silky Durags

Silky durags have a smooth texture because manufacturers use polyester blend fabric to make them. These durags have a soft appearance both inside and outside.

People prefer silky durags over other material types because they give your hair a smooth look. However, the soft fabric can quickly come off your head and have low water absorption capacity. 

Durag material is breathable and gives a premium feel. Silky durags are available in various colors and designs to match your outfit. 

Satin Durags

The next durag type is satin durag, which gives a silky feel like silky durags. These durags minimize friction and prevent hair breakage. 

Satin durags are comparatively more affordable than silky durags. The absorption capacity of this durag type is more.

Like silky durags, satin durags are also available in various colors and designs. Satin durags have a less luxurious feel than silk ones but are easy to maintain.

Velvet Durags

Just as the name suggests, velvet durags have a velvety texture. The plush fabric manufacturers used to make these durags offer a luxurious experience.

The velvety fabric provides extra warmth, making them suitable for colder weather. Also, these velvety drugs are heavier than the other durag types and are not for everyday use.

Velvet durags have good water absorption capacity but are available in fewer styles. The use of velvety durags produces more friction.

Mesh Durags

Another type of durag is the mesh durag, composed of thin yet strong materials. As the name suggests, the durag has a mesh-like appearance with tiny holes.

Durag holes are responsible for air crossing through your hair. This durag type helps the shampoo or conditioner to come out quickly.

All of these durags have their pros and cons. You can choose any of these durag for your dreads. The choice of right durag varies from person to person depending on their desired usage, nature of hair, preference for a particular fabric, etc.

Reason Why People Use Durag for Dreads

The use of durags on dreads is popular among both males and females as it offers certain benefits. Some of the reasons why people use it for dreads are:

Improved Hair Texture

No matter what dreadlock hairstyle you carry, wearing durag helps to improve the overall texture of your hair. It prevents frizz due to the silky smooth drag material.

Durag reduces friction and prevents hair breakage, especially while you are sleeping. Also, if you are applying any hair treatment to improve your hair texture, durag keeps it in place for longer.

Protect Hairstyle

You might be wondering if a durag is suitable for the twist.

Well, the answer is yes.

Whether it’s about wearing durag for dreads or braids, this is your best choice for protecting your hairstyle. The unique durag material ensures that your hair strands are in place.

If you plan to keep your hairstyle but have to go outdoors, then wearing a durag is your best choice. You can even wear it while you are sleeping or doing other activities. 

Protection from Sun Damage

Direct sunlight exposure is quite damaging for your hair. It can cause damage to the hair strands, increasing their chances of breakage.

But worry not, as wearing durag can surely help protect your hair from the sun. But when wearing durag for this purpose, pick the lighter colors.

While you are wearing durag for dreads, don’t forget to look for the signs of unhealthy locks

Tips to Use Durags with Dreads

Dreads are one of the best protective hairstyles. The use of durags is good for dreads for both male and female, but here are a few tips you need to consider while using it:

  • Make sure that the material you are choosing is hair-friendly. Good durag material has to be breathable and gentle on your hair.
  • Only sometimes wear your durag and take it off at regular intervals.
  • Prepare your hair well before putting on a drag. Apply a lightweight moisturizer on your dreads and use a dread brush to remove any tangles.
  • When tying your durag on dreads, ensure it’s not too tight or loose and is comfortable to wear.
  • Take care of the hygiene and ensure that your durag is clean. This helps to prevent any buildup on the scalp and foul odor.

Durags for Dreads – Yay or Nay?

Durag is a headcovering people use for several reasons, such as better hair texture, moisture retention, etc. Wearing durag on dreads is also a common practice that offers many benefits.

With many questions about its safety, wearing durags for dreads is completely safe. It causes no harm to your dreads and is entirely safe to use.

However, while using durags for dreads, take good care of them. This helps to minimize the chances of hair damage and keep your cute dreads in place.

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