How to Start Locs with Two Strand Twist Dreads: A Complete Guide

Having dreadlocks is one of the hair looks trending in the last few years. In 2024, it will be more adopted by fashion freaks looking to transform their whole look. If you are also looking for a brand new hair look with dreads, you must opt for this one. Two-strand twist dreads are easy to start and can be developed into any locs you want. 

This article will explain everything you need about the two-strand twist technique, how to start dreads with it, how long they take to mature and much more. In addition, you will find some advantages and disadvantages of getting this hair look to assist you in making your decision. Continue reading to learn more about this technique before starting your locs journey.

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What are Two Strand Twists Dreads?

Two-strand twists are one technique performed on the natural hair to result in locks. The twists are formed with the help of hands by taking a small section of hair and making the twists. This methodology has been favoured over the last few years as it is similar to starting locs with braids and plaits. 

The two-strand twist is a hairstyle that gives you a new look before actual locs are developed. If you are thinking of starting locs most naturally, this is the one for you. Moreover, this technique leaves your hair in beautiful locs of the size that you want. 

How Long Does it Take to Lock?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as hair texture, hair care regime, and hair length. Individuals with kinky hair texture are prone to develop locs with two-strand twists easily compared to people with fine and straight hair. 

The process is lengthy, so it takes patience to achieve the result. Making a block in its original form takes six months to two years. Additionally, the products used for the locs also influence the whole process. But you can keep a rough estimate of almost 18 months to bring your twist strands into locs.


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How to Make Two Strand Twist Dreads?

Before starting the two-strand twist dreads with this technique, ensure your hair is clean and well moisturised. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove dirt, air pollutants, and build-up. Furthermore, a moisturising conditioner can help replenish hair moisture. 


Once the hair is ready, decide what type of locs you want. Finalise the locs type and their size. Although you can choose any size,  two-strand twists work best for medium to thick locs. So, take your time and decide the size from the following:

  • Microlocs – Make hair parts ¾ of an inch or thinner.
  • Small locs (pencil-sized) – Partitions of size about an inch to 1 ¼ inches.   
  • Medium locs (pen-sized) – Partitions between 1 ¼ and 1 ½ inches. 
  • Thick locs (sharpie sized) – Make your parts between 1 ½ to 1 ¾ inches. 
  • Jumbo locs (larger than Sharpie-sized) – Make your parts between 1 ¾ to 2 inches.

Part and Twist: 

Once the hair is ready and you have decided on the size, the next step is to partition your hair according to your locs size. Divide your hair into four equal sections using a rattail comb. Secure each portion with an elastic band and make the back parts according to your partying system. 

Now, the next step is twisting. As the name reveals, two strands twist to form the locs, divide each part into two sections, and make twists. Cross twists over the other repeatedly until you reach the end. Similarly, move to all other parts and ensure you are in the same direction. 

Continue partying and twisting the hair until any of your hair is curled. Further, if you feel your scalp is itchy, use moisturising oil such as olive oil, jojoba, or any other hair oil. 

How to Maintain Two Strand Twist Dreads?

Two-strand twists are an everyday style popular among influencers. The strand twists dread male hairstyle is the most effortless and is not only easy to start but also to maintain. Here, we share a few two-strand hair twist maintenance tips:

  • Keep hair clean and build-up free to get neat dreadlocks at the end. 
  • Make sure to keep the hair well-moisturized to prevent frizz.
  • Avoid frequent washing of your hair. 
  • Get the retwisting done now and then.
  • Make sure to use light fabric while sleeping. 

Key takeaway:

To summarise, two-strand twists are an excellent technique for starting the locks if you want to begin at home without spending extra bucks on tools and professionals. It is easy to create and maintain with some more straightforward tips. So, be ready to jump on the bandwagon with your dreamy hairstyle. 


Can two-strand twists turn into dreads?

Yes, this is one of the most straightforward techniques to start dreadlocks without using hair tools and products—no more need to use crochet hooks and twisting rods. 

How long do two-strand twists last?

Two-strand twists spend an average of two to six weeks on natural hair, but their lifespan can be prolonged with extra maintenance tips. For example, I keep them clean and rewrite them after some time. 

Are two strands good for dreads?

Two strands twist dreads is one of the best techniques when looking for the methods of starting locs. It is the easiest and safest as it has the most minor cons compared to other locking techniques.

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