Understand The Why Are Dreadlocks Bad for Your Hair?

As a beauty enthusiast, I love being aware of all the latest trends, fashions, hacks, and styles. It could either be skincare, makeup, hairstyles, or accessories. Nothing gives me more pleasure than learning about new stuff that I can share with my fellow readers. Therefore, today, we’re going to be discussing why are dreadlocks bad or maybe good. 

Your hairstyle speaks to your personality just like any other outfit that you wear. Hence, the effort you put into it will tell others how you are as a person. It may sound ridiculous at the moment. But trust me, it’s the truth. 

The oldest and most organic hairstyle in the world is a dreadlock. In terms of safeguarding hair follicles, dreadlocks are a relatively protective hairstyle. Additionally, when growing dreadlocks, you can use inexpensive artificial hair chemicals or maintenance supplies.

So, let’s buckle up and get ready to enter a world of beauty where the only important thing is to get the truth about dreadlocks and their pros and cons. 

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Do Dreadlocks Damage Your Hair? 

Well, in all honesty, yes, it does (BUT) only to those people who have no idea how to style them. Mark our words; the number is higher than you think. However, before we jump into the damaging part, let’s discuss how essential it is to grow your dreadlocks. 

Because if you don’t do that initially, you’ll only damage it in the long run. 

A dreadlock is a naturally occurring rope-like growth of hair that results from follicle locking and matting. Every dreadlock contains an internal follicle matrix, which is made up of interlocked and merged hair follicles arranged in a spiral pattern.

The dreadlock’s exterior will feel rough, matted, and fuzzy. And there is a multitude of hair follicles that are woven and trapped.

Given the length of your hair, dreadlocks take anywhere from eight months to 24 months to grow. It is comparatively easier for African Americans with curly or kinky hair to twist their locks into dreadlocks than for those with straight or caucasian hair. 

How Can Dreadlocks Be Bad For Your Hair?

Dreads are not nasty for your hair; let’s be clear about that! However, if you’re still facing a bunch of problems after being thorough with your dreadlock care, then there could be something potentially wrong with the way you’ve done your dreads in the first place. 

Moreover, there are a lot of issues associated with dreads, such as bald patches, scalp inflammation and alopecia. The reason can be: 

  • You’re over-maintaining your locks without realising it
  • The hairdresser pulled your roots to a tight
  • Dreadlocks are too heavy 
  • You use chemical dyes on your hair 
  • Continuously scratching your hair 
  • You might be allergic to the synthetic dread chemical

Pros & Cons Of Dreadlocks 

What benefits and drawbacks come with having dreadlocks? Let’s go over them together to find out.


  • Promoting hair growth and health 
  • Current fashion statement 
  • It simplifies styling 
  • Various styling options available with dreads 
  • They give you a confidence boost
  • No more bad hair days 


  • You need a lot of patience to let them grow 
  • They draw unwanted attention 
  • Drying dreadlocks take forever
  • Expensive maintenance 
  • Dreads soak up whatever is in the air 
  • Not ideal for all hair types 


Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, why are dreadlocks bad? Because you don’t know how to take care of them. No aftercare can leave a lasting negative effect that is too hard to miss. Therefore, we suggest doing thorough research, combing through all the pros and cons and making an informed decision before locking your hair. 

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